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Participant reviews

People who have participated in my programs have seen real results! Take a moment and see what they have to say!

Before & After Results




My best body ever at 55!!!


Thanks to the fitness program designed and directed by Claudine I have managed to make incredible changes in my life and in my body that I thought would never be possible at my age. It all started with the "21 days fitness challenge" and constant training based on its methodology.


From that first day of the challenge, I continue to experience daily results and changes with your Fitness program. It was amazing how the changes were happening from the beginning!! Today I can say that I enjoy every day of the exercise and training program and that it is also full of energy and good vibes.


This taught me how to implement and integrate a new lifestyle and food that offers me every day the possibility of joyfully achieving the expected changes in a healthy and permanent way! From the first day of the challenge, this has become a rewarding and fun-filled experience that I recommend to any mature woman who is worth 100% experience!! 

-Laly B. 55

After 2 years of not exercising due to an injury, I decided to start an exercise regiment again. 


So I Googled Fitness Classes near me and Claudine Nannini appeared. It has probably been one of the best things that has happened in my life lately. 


Being 51 years old, going through life’s challenges, this has been not only physically good, it has also helped me emotionally. Claudine’s positive energy for life has helped me have a different outlook on everything I do.


I joined and immediately did the 21 day challenge, which is more of a lifestyle change than a challenge. 


Those 21 days helped me begin my fitness journey. Of course, I lost weight and inches but more than that, I was on the right fitness and wellness path. 


I would highly recommend Claudine’s fitness and Zumba programs for anyone looking to improve their physical and emotional being in a positive way. 


With her expertise in fitness she has also helped me overcome my injuries. She has tailored my workout to help me improve my weaknesses and create balance where there is imbalance


Unbelievably, my back injury has improved about 90% since she has been coaching me. Strengthening my back and core has taken my back pain away. I am very grateful for her dedication and passion for fitness. She is truly a professional at what she does. 

-Nancy A. 51

Before knowing Claudine's method, I was not characterized as being physically active, I did not exercise regularly, in fact, my life could be said to be "sedentary". I also noticed that with the passage of time my body "was not same", the extra kilos were increasing, evident effects of gravity and age were doing their thing. Then I had the blessing of meeting Claudine a couple of years ago and I can say that thanks to her methodology, experience, love for her work and passion my life changed!


Since I started the 21 Day Challenge I learned, on the one hand, to eat healthily, to recognize the effects that food has on our body in a fluid and logical way. On the other hand, I understood how exercising with different and creative daily routines I can push my self in every session to overcome "my physical and mental limits" achieving not only a significant weight loss but a fit and healthy body in general.


I would like to add that apart from the gains obtained in terms of my health, classes with Claudine are a source of joy and happiness, always positive and re-energizing, which drives my consistency and perseverance with exercise to new heights and above all, it facilitates the peace of mind I want to achieve!

-Juliana C. 44

If you are anything like me, I have to say I don't trust easily. (new products, new therapies, new gyms, new coaches, new instructors.) I believe trust is earned, especially when it relates to my health, but I had to start SOMEWHERE. 


My cholesterol was at 190, I had back pains, neck pains, headaches, I was 18 pounds overweight and I was popping Advil like candy.  What happened?  More importantly how can I fix this?  I’m 48, not dead.   


I have always loved music and dancing.  I thought, I don't need a “GYM”. I need to enjoy an exercise routine with people I related to and admired. Although…let’s be real, I want results.  I need to look good.


I started researching Zumba instructors, locations, ratings, etc. and only ONE STOOD OUT!  CLAUDINE NANNINI.  


Little did I know, my life was about to change.  


Claudine Nannini shouldn’t be a name, she should be a “CONCEPT”.  Suffice to say that her joy for life is contagious.  She has reprogrammed how I eat, how I exercise, more important, how I think.


My Cholesterol is down to 100!


I lost 12 pounds and 5 inches.


I may not be 25 and a size 0, (WHO CARES!) I AM HEALTHY & I AM HAPPY!!


Thank you Claudine for your positive outlook, your tenacity and more importantly your friendship.  ¡Te quiero, siempre e incondicionalmente!

-Patricia P. 48

Taking part of the 21 Day Challenge has by far been one of the best experiences of my life. This amazing journey changed my life completely and filled me with confidence. The group is filled with motivated, encouraging people that push you beyond your limits. Being a part of this helped me to overcome depression and have a better outlook on life. 


Claudine is very positive and encouraging, allowing those taking the class to feel welcome and motivated. Even if you are a beginner, she helps you step by step to make sure your posture is correct to obtain the best results. The 21 days helped me not only to get in shape, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

-Martha C. 42

I have been following the program for 1 month now and have been really impressed with the results. I have visibly lost weight, gained definition and with the eating plan, I am definitely eating more healthily and generally feel more energetic.

Claudine is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm that she brings to the fitness and Zumba classes. She makes the workouts challenging but with her great personality and also the comfortable atmosphere with the other girls, I look forward to each fun session.

I am thankful to Claudine as I am stronger, more flexible and for once in my life, I feel…… MOTIVATED!

-Mags P.


Claudine is just the most amazing Zumba instructor I have ever had. When I first started doing Zumba a few years ago, I was nervous, inept and directionally challenged. Claudine took me by my hands and walked me through the steps! This is just one example of how caring and wonderful she is! And it's because of her, I am now doing Zumba 4 times per week as her enthusiasm, energy and love for Zumba and her students is infectious and motivating! And each and every time I take her class, I feel totally uplifted because she has made Zumba not only a form of exercise for me but a mind, body and soul experience that carries me throughout my day!😊




Claudine has been a blessing for me since day one; I have scoliosis and I feel wonderful! I have no pain and my core is stronger than ever. I used to skip meals and eat super bad but now I have learned to plan ahead and be ready before hunger hits me.

The atmosphere is amazing, we laugh and encouraged each other. I'm so happy I met Claudine, she is super sweet and makes us work hard. 

The best!💪🏻


-Caro D.


Claudine is more than a Zumba instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, human physiology, different forms of dance and their origins, and an amazing motivator! She is also positive, kind, friendly, and fun to be with. Her 2-hour workouts are the best!



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