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These supplements are made from the juice powder concentrates and oils of more than 40 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. While they aren't a substitute for eating real fruits and vegetables, our whole food-based products support a healthy diet by offering a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, along with antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. All of the supplements that we offer are made from quality ingredients grown farm fresh, providing the natural nutrients your body needs.



This Detox Program is fun & easy to follow. It is a proven & effective means of improving our health and freeing our body from toxins. For 10 days, we will avoid food and habits that do NOT help us and will focus on a clean life and healthy foods. The purpose is to flood our body with whole foods & nutrition.


These first 10 days are just the beginning of a 4-month educational period, combined with healthy habits that will revolutionize your health for years to come. During the Detox, you will avoid consuming gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, and processed foods. We will also combine intermittent fasting for 12 to 14 hours, with plenty of water, exercise, quality rest & relaxation, and of course taking concentrated forms of fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants. We will also include vegan protein shakes during the cleanse to satisfy our protein intake. 

Although the cleanse can be challenging, by the end of the 10 days participants will have rid their bodies of toxins and rebooted their digestive system to live a healthier life.

These supplements are a convenient way to bridge the gap between the fruits and vegetables that you do eat and you should eat every day.

Dr. David Katz is a board-certified specialist in Preventive Medicine and a clinical instructor at the Yale School of Medicine. He talks about how most people don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and how Juice Plus+ has been proven to help bridge that gap.

John Blair, Senior Vice President of Research and Development of these supplements, discusses the process of how they are made.

Dr. David Phillips is a former All-American swimmer who specializes in Sports Medicine. He advises that we should consume more whole food nutrition to reduce oxidative stress and emphasizes that when exercising it's important to consume balanced whole food nutrition, complemented by supplements.

As part of my commitment to providing the best health and wellness instruction and inspiration, I have started taking the Juice Plus+ products myself to see the benefits first hand. Since I've been using the capsules & product line, and am convinced of their value, I have become a distributor to provide access to this amazing product to all my network. Please visit my Juice Plus+ website for more information.

Go directly to the products page to view the full catalog of Juice Plus+ offerings.

Contact me for more information on how to become a Juice Plus+ distributor.

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