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I have been passionate about dance for over 35 years and have been involved in Fitness since the age of 18. My formal dance training was in Ballet, Ballroom Dance and Salsa L.A. Style. My formal training in Fitness was obtained through the Athletics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a Group Fitness Instructor.  


With these 35 years of experience, I have become a fitness professional, from instructing proper exercise technique & dance moves to coaching my students on their path to becoming the healthiest versions of themselves.




As I have been passionate about the overall improvement and wellbeing of people, I have embarked on the path of obtaining my Life Coach certification from the International Association of Coaching to contribute to the personal development & empowerment of the lives of my students. As a life coach, I am able to provide guidance to individuals to develop a greater connection to self, improved decision quality, and an overall sense of purpose. With these values, individuals are able to create their own plan of action, while I support them throughout the process.


Over the last 10 years, I have experienced setbacks, challenging career situations, health concerns, and other struggles that have taught me how challenging times are truly opportunities for growth, change, and evolution. 



I got involved with Zumba® back in 2001. My Zumba® training started with Beto Perez and obtained my first certification in 2003. I initially participated in different Zumba® projects as a dancer in videos for Kellogg’s and also in the Second Collection of Zumba® DVDs. I have continued to work with the Zumba Home Office through the past 15 years. Some of these fun experiences include co-hosting the Salsa and Merengue Workshops at the Zumba® Instructor Conventions in Orlando in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013; and also in London in 2012 and in the Zumba® Conference in Los Angeles in 2013, danced at the award ceremony Premios Lo Nuestro in 2013 for Pitbull, have been featured as a model for Zumba Wear in Z-Life Magazine, had a part in the movie "A Change of Heart" as a Zumba® dancer with Jim Belushi and Gloria Estefan in 2016 and performed as a dancer at the Zumba Fitness Concert Live at Zumba Convention 2017 among other Zumba work experiences.


Over the past 13 years I have worked as a Zumba® Instructor at The Biltmore Fitness Center, Sports Club L.A., Equinox, M Cycle Gym, Rumbamania, Pinecrest Fitness, Synergy Gym and Il Movimento Studio. 


I currently teach Zumba & other Fitness Classes every weekday in my studio. 


In the past 30 years I have ventured into every type of group instructional class to custom tailor my own classes specifically for my clients. I have undergone two major orthopedic surgeries on both legs and am in the process of recovery from both, to continue as a Zumba and Fitness instructor.


I have also developed a 21 Day Fitness Program to transform the lives of those who are ready to join me in the amazing journey of healthy lifestyle and fitness. My 21 Day Fitness Challenge happens in a group setting and it is one of my most popular programs delivering incredible results! I strive to form a personal connection with all of my students to ensure their needs and personal goals are met. 


My other certifications include Zumba® B1 and B2, Zumba® Pro-Skills, Zumba® Step, Zumba® Toning and STRONG by Zumba®.


I look forward to meeting you!





Planet Smoothie The Falls

8843 SW 132nd Street,

Miami, 33176



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