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Workout w/ Claudine Online

These online workouts feature digital content for participants to do workouts guided by Claudine Nannini, anywhere they might be!


This online course includes all of the workouts, warm-ups, exercises with weights, body weight, cardio, dance fitness, cool-downs, and stretching as in the live classes.

Online Workout Introduction

As part of our commitment to ensuring our people have access to online workouts, we have made the "Proper Form" video available for free! Once you've mastered the Proper Form for our workouts you'll be ready to enjoy our full collection of videos! We will be adding new content regularly, so once you're part of our online membership, you will have access to hours of workout content, allowing you to change exercise routines, or focus on your favorites!



This Proper Form video demonstrates how to perform each of the exercises for the best results. It is important to watch this video closely to ensure you are not risking injury.

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